What Is a Sports Agent?

Role of a sports agent; day-to-day duties.

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Products And Benefits

Since 2009, we have helped 25 companies launch over 1k incredible products


Encourage users to save

Transactions helps users eliminate wasteful spending and guides users towards investment and savings goals by analyzing up to 24 months of clean, categorized transaction history


Enable in–app balance checks

Create a stickier experience by using Balance to allow your users to check the balances of their linked depository accounts in real-time within your app


Understand a user's investments

Leverage Investments to gain insight into a user’s investment accounts, including account balances, holdings, and transactions that create a change in a holding


Help users manage debt

Use Liabilities (US only) and Transactions to remind users of upcoming debt payments and suggest refinancing and debt consolidation options

Revolutionizing the way your team works!

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Athlete Connect is a well-thought-out, comprehensive resource for anyone seeking information about professional athletes and/or their representation.
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Pete Shaw

Former NFL Pro, Sports Agent,
and Current Financial Professional - Wells Fargo Investments, Private Client Services
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