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Connect with Pro Athletes and Their Sports Agents - Athlete Connect - Sports Agents Directory - Connect with Pro Athletes and Their Sports Agents - Athlete Connect - Sports Agents Directory -
Market your products and services to professional athletes

Professional athletes not only have a unique combination of talent and training that sets them apart from others, but they also have the kind of salaries, star power, and connections that are unattainable to most people. That is why financial professionals, real estate brokers, investors, and other business professionals trying to connect with highly paid, highly visible athletes can face challenges finding them, even when they have a service athletes genuinely need.

In addition to negotiating player-team contracts for their clients, sports agents also serve as a liaison between their clients and service providers. Professional athletes consult with their sports agents regarding major purchases such as homes and automobiles, or consult with their sports agents regarding services such as mortgages, legal, accounting, financial, insurance, relocating, concierge, fashion, trainers, marketing, and many other services. The most efficient way to get in contact with professional athletes is by contacting their sports agents through the Athlete Connect database.

A powerful networking tool

Athlete Connect is the only comprehensive, searchable, dynamic sports agent database in the world. Athlete Connect not only includes complete contact information and sports agent contact details within the sports agencies, but it also includes a listing of professional athletes and their sports agents.

We have done extensive research and compiled the most accurate data to formulate the only comprehensive, searchable, dynamic sports agent directory in the world. Now you can connect with professional athletes through their sports agents


Streamline your pipeline and improve your lead generation efforts. Complete sports agent contact information enables you or your sales team to spend less time searching for sports agents and their clients and more time closing deals with professional athletes. You can also work with their agents—sports agents can be your clients too!


By connecting with sports agents and their clients, you can now network with them and build the trust that you need in order to develop and implement a strategy to market your services and products to not only sports agents and their clients but also to their colleagues and other professional athletes.


Once you’ve taken the initial step to building the relationships necessary to do business with the sports agents and their clients, you can now execute your plan and collaborate with your “new” clients to start working together to build a long-lasting business relationship that could lead to numerous other ventures.

Increase business revenues and minimize costs

Athlete Connect is the online sports agent and professional athlete portal created to grow revenues and reduce costs throughout your entire sales organization. Connecting, networking, and collaborating with professional athletes and agents require one (1) important ingredient: the key data and contact information necessary to take the first step and subscription to the Athlete Connect database. Athlete Connect provides comprehensive and accurate contact information, vital statistics, and powerful exporting tools while eliminating the need for investment in research and software development. Athlete Connect can be tailored to your needs, based on the number of users within your organization.

As the industry leader in sports agent contact and data information, Athlete Connect was created to help your organization spend more time connecting and networking with professional athletes, more rapidly, resulting in increased win rates, shortened sales cycles, and reduced selling costs.

Robust sports agent / athlete data that works for you

With integrity and trust in mind, Sports Agent 411 is committed to providing quality sports agent leads for today’s demanding business needs. As such, Athlete Connect only offers contact information for sports agents who represent professional athletes from the 4 major professional sports leagues throughout the United States and Canada. With the industry’s most accurate sports agent contact information at your fingertips, you can’t help but notice dramatic improvement in your campaign execution results.

Access complete and accurate data—and save time

Athlete Connect offers simple access to complete and intelligent sports agent and client information. Our comprehensive search engine eliminates months of tedious research by incorporating all of the appropriate sports agent information you need in one place. All data in the Athlete Connect database is accurate, verified, and cross-verified prior to inclusion.

Improve your agent / athlete lead qualification process significantly

Access hard-to-find small and mid-size agencies as well as below-average salaried pro athletes

Review sports agent and athlete profiles

Exclusively for professionals doing business with pro athletes

Hundreds and thousands of comprehensive sports agent and athlete contact records in the Athlete Connect database steadily grows as the sports community continues to evolve.

Obtain market intelligence and refine your prospecting strategy

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Connect, network, and collaborate with strategic partners in the sports arena

More than just contact and company information

The Athlete Connect database not only includes sports agent contact information, but also their client and salary data as well as additional client data details.

Over 300 agencies and 600 agents representing over a combined $10 billion in recent annual athlete salaries

Over 3,000 professional athletes from the 4 major sports leagues in the United States and Canada

Average athlete salary in the database is approximately $3.33 million

Do more, travel less
  • Significantly reduce travel and operational costs
  • Increase sales with pro athletes by prospecting and screening
  • Receive a faster and greater return on investment

With over $10 billion of combined current athlete salaries and over 3,000 professional athletes at your fingertips, you will be sure to gain a return on your investment (ROI). One business transaction with a professional athlete can pay for your Athlete Connect subscription many times over.

Flexibility within your organization

An Athlete Connect subscription includes multiple seats. Access to Athlete Connect has value across your organization:

  • Easily provide Athlete Connect’s valuable insight throughout your organization;
  • Quickly share Athlete Connect’s information among multiple departments;
  • Serve various markets simultaneously among regional professionals;
  • Multi-user access credentials offer flexibility for members within your organization to seamlessly access the Athlete Connect database without being locked out of the system;
  • Eliminate having to share time on one (1) computer; concurrently access Athlete Connect from multiple computers.
Athlete Connect is exclusive, unique, and limited:
  • A tremendous amount of time and resources goes into maintaining the Athlete Connect database to keep it accurate and updated. This information is solely available for those who are serious about working with professional athletes and their sports agents.
  • Only professionals and organizations who offer legitimate services and maintain the highest standard of ethical conduct shall have the opportunity to access the Athlete Connect database and connect, network, and collaborate with professional athletes and their sports agents.
  • Just like other professionals, professional athletes and their sports agents value their time. As such, they should receive offerings and opportunities that are legitimate and rewarding for all parties involved.
  • Athlete Connect subscribers must keep their access credentials strictly confidential.
  • All user usage activity is monitored and tracked.

Connect, network, and collaborate with professional athletes and their sports agents. Grow your business!