Get formally introduced to sports agents

You have the option of benefiting tremendously from Event Meeting because you’ll be formally introduced to various sports agents and/or sports professionals at selected sporting events throughout the year. Because of the unique nature of this service, membership to the Corporate Edition is limited to only a selected number of individuals and groups per year.

Access to all basic features + Premium features

This unique opportunity allows participants to connect with sports agents and professional athletes from trusted professionals who have worked in the sports agent industry for over a decade. One-on-One coaching or group coaching is available for limited participants who would like to enhance their ability to connect with professional athletes and sports agents. The coaching program provides for weekly or monthly personalized attention which is available via telephone sessions.

Our industry professionals will help design your specific training plan based on your individual needs and goals. Connecting with agents and athletes can be difficult, but we will help guide you through a customized approach. Our coaching platform is a unique way and opportunity to connect with professional athletes and sports agents. It will provide tremendous value and allow you to learn from experience rather than a textbook.

Purpose of the 1-on-1 sessions:

  • Integration and understanding of the sports agent industry: Ensuring that concepts are digested well enough to be applied in your setting (identity, clarify, prioritize)
  • Follow-through accountability (how to get there): Encouraging you to focus on implementation (monthly to-do list, operational/strategic plans, key metrics)
  • Encouragement (you can be an industry leader): Coming alongside you to better facilitate growth, leadership, and the tools necessary to succeed in the sports world


Coaching includes:

  • Introductory telephone consultation
  • Evalutation of goals/needs
  • Developing future goals specific to an individual or group
  • Communication via live telephone (4 1-hour sessions per month for 12 months)
  • Other specific details needed to enhance a specific goal/need


Membership is limited

The coaching service includes live personal one-to-one communication sessions. Because of the unique nature and industry exclusivity of the coaching service, membership to this feature is limited to only a select number of individuals. To give you the personal attention and devotion you deserve, we need to have enough time slots available to properly service you.

Live in-person coaching & consulting

The key feature of Event Meeting is that you will receive live coaching face to face at a major sporting event. Schedule your appointment through our online booking tool to meet at any of several major sporting events for live coaching and networking.

Get formally introduced to sports agents

Upon scheduling your meeting with us at a major sporting event, you will be formally introduced to our network of sports agents and other industry professionals. Essentially, we will be formally introducing you to sports agents and key sports professionals face to face.

Corporate pricing starts at $10,000 per year

With an Athlete Connect corporate plan, members in your organization will reap the benefits of this great resource while your organization saves money. We will work with you in developing a customized corporate plan that not only affords members within your organization with Athlete Connect access credentials but also at a reduced corporate rate.