View profiles of over 300 sports agencies and 600 sports agents representing over $10 billion in current annual athlete salaries from MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. Profiles include the complete agency name, names of agents within sports agency, sport(s) that agency & agent(s) work with, total number of dollars represented by each agency & agent(s), total number of clients represented by each agency & agent(s), agent certification designation for each agent.


Basic agency contact information

Basic contact information includes the primary and additional postal addresses and phone/fax numbers. Most agencies have multiple contact numbers whereas some agencies have at least one (1) contact number.


Comprehensive agency contact information

In addition to basic contact information, comprehensive contact information includes website and email addresses for both the agencies and agents. This feature is available for Unlimited, Enterprise, and Corporate members.


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View profiles of over 3,000 athletes earning over $10 billion in combined annual salaries in MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL with a simple click. View rookies, veterans, all-stars, retirees, and hall-of-famers. View each athlete’s year-by-year salary, lifetime earnings, professional league profile page, social media pages, and complete agent profile. The agent contact information has zero to little value without the Athlete Profile component. This is the real value in the Athlete Connect database.


Basic athlete information

Basic contact information includes the primary and additional postal addresses and phone/fax numbers. Most agencies have multiple contact numbers whereas some agencies have at least one (1) contact number.


Enhanced athlete information

Enhanced athlete information includes: 1) home town; 2) year-by-year salary; 3) lifetime salary data (career earnings); 4) league profile page link; 5) social media links; 6) website; and 7) complete agent profile.


Athlete search features

Quick Search: Perform a quick search by typing an athlete’s last name or first name.
League/Team Search: Search for athletes in 1 or more of the major sports leagues. Break down your search even more with team filters.
Salary Search: Further filter your search by entering minimum and maximum current and lifetime salaries. Column

Agency search features


Agency/Agent Quick Search:

Perform a quick search by typing the agency/agent name.

Agency/Agent Geographic Search:

Search for agencies and agents based on geographic location, filtering your search by selecting states and provinces.

Agency/Agent League/Team Search:

Search for agencies and agents representing athletes in 1 or more of the major sports leagues.

Sorting features

Agency/Agent Sorting: Sort your results by total dollar amount of salaries represented, total number of clients represented, or by agency name. Athlete Sorting: Sort your results by athlete name, agency name, team, sport, recent salary, lifetime salary, or status.

Ranking features


Filter your search results for the top 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, or 500 agencies, agents, and athletes based on salary representation, number of clients, earnings, and many other sorting options.

Career earnings data will let you know how much money a professional athlete earned over the course of a playing career. For example, an athlete who is making the league minimum salary in his final season may not be a candidate or prospect for certain purchases or investments solely on his seasonal playing contract. However, based on his career earnings, he may have a substantial savings and be a great candidate for certain purchases or investments. It is not uncommon for a player to make a little of over a few million dollars in a season but yet have a career earnings of well over $100 million!


Athlete salary features

Current Salary Search: Search and view the highest paid athletes using filters such as sport(s), team(s), and athlete statuses. Additionally, Search for athletes who fall within a specific minimum and maximum salary range. Lifetime Salary Search: Find out how much each athlete has earned during his/her playing careers to date using filters such as sport(s), teams, minimum and maximum career salary ranges. This is a cumulative number and is different from the annual salary.

Agency/agent salary features

The total dollar amounts of salaries represented by agencies and agents are significant bits of information because they help you better understand how you can work with each respective agency and their clients. Additionally, you will know if each agency/agent and his/her client is a potential candidate for you as a client. Finally, it will help you better create customized proposals and offerings to them. With over $10 billion in current annual athlete salaries, you will be sure to find good prospects and grow your business.

Access social media sites for professional athletes from the 4 major sports leagues: MLB, NBA NFL, and NHL. Use the power of social media as an ancillary way to connect with athletes.


More and more agencies and agents are getting involved with social media networking. The database includes social media links for many sports agencies and sports agents.


Generate new, better, & exclusive leads

With easy-to-find contact information through the Athlete Connect search engine, you will have access to over 3,000 pro athletes’ agent contact details in seconds. Download as many records as you wish as many times as you wish—NO LIMITS OR FEES TO DOWNLOAD RECORDS!

  • Identify relationships that can generate revenues
  • Expose potential cross-selling opportunities

Easily sort, filter, and build your list in seconds

Search, sort, and create your list with our List builder option. Export agency contact details into your spreadsheet or CRM-ready CSV files for easy mailing campaigns. Export your detailed agent search results into PDF for easy offline accessibility and printing.

Download & export your data over and over

As sports seasons begin and end, team rosters change. Players get drafted, traded, waived, sign new contracts, and in some cases, switch agents. In addition, you may also download and export all data to PDF and Excel over and over. This feature will save you time and money.

Get timely insider-only information

The Athlete Connect Handbook is a “best practices” set of reports on topics such as the most effective methods of developing relationships with sports agents and athletes to maintaining and strengthening your collaboration with them. The Athlete Connect Handbook is a key supplemental resource that includes principles and tips from some of the best sports business professionals in the industry.

Reduce costs, increase revenues

With expert information from industry professionals readily available to you, you will have an inside track on working with sports agents and professional athletes. As a result, you will incur less costs and increase your efficiency in connecting, networking, and collaborating with sports agents and professional athletes.



You deserve superior client support

Address unlimited questions and answers through our online support ticket system 24 hours per day. Your support ticket will ensure that all of your email correspondences are stored in your account for tracking and reference purposes. Simply log in to your account and create a support ticket. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, but in most cases, much sooner



Schedule a live telephone session

Schedule a live telephone session and speak with an industry expert. Choose a time that fits your schedule based on the available time slots from our online appointment scheduler. We will then call you on the confirmed time for our live support session. This feature is available for Enterprise and Corporate members.


This unique opportunity allows participants to connect with sports agents and professional athletes from trusted professionals who have worked in the sports agent industry for over a decade. One-on-One coaching or group coaching is available for limited participants who would like to enhance their ability to connect with professional athletes and sports agents. The coaching program provides for weekly or monthly personalized attention which is available via live chat and telephone sessions. Our industry professionals will help design your specific training plan based on your individual needs and goals. Connecting with agents and athletes can be difficult, but we will help guide you through a customized approach. Our coaching platform is a unique way and opportunity to connect with professional athletes and sports agents. It will provide tremendous value and allow you to learn from experience rather than a textbook.


Purposes of the 1-on-1 sessions:

  • Integration and understanding of the sports agent industry: Ensuring that concepts are digested well enough to be applied in your setting (identity, clarify, prioritize)
  • Follow-through accountability (how to get there): Encouraging you to focus on implementation (monthly to-do list, operational/strategic plans, key metrics)
  • Encouragement (you can be an industry leader): Coming alongside you to better facilitate growth, leadership, and the tools necessary to succeed in the sports world

Coaching includes:

  • Introductory telephone consultation
  • Evalutation of goals/needs
  • Developing future goals specific to an individual or group
  • Communication via live chat or telephone
  • Other specific details needed to enhance a specific goal/need

Membership is limited

The coaching service includes live personal one-to-one communication sessions. Because of the unique nature and industry exclusivity of the coaching service, membership to this feature is limited to only a select number of individuals.

To give you the personal attention and devotion you deserve, we need to have enough time slots available to properly service you.

Live in-person coaching & consulting

The key feature of Event Meeting is that you will receive live coaching face to face at a major sporting event. Schedule your appointment through our online booking tool to meet at any of several major sporting events for live coaching and networking.

Get formally introduced to sports agents

Upon scheduling your meeting with us at a major sporting event, you will be formally introduced to our network of sports agents and other industry professionals. Essentially, we will be formally introducing you to sports agents and key sports professionals face to face.

Connect, network, and collaborate with professional athletes and their sports agents. Grow your business!