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Connect with Pro Athletes and Their Sports Agents - Industry Solutions - Sports Agents Directory - Connect with Pro Athletes and Their Sports Agents - Industry Solutions - Sports Agents Directory -

How can Athlete Connect help and grow your business?


Professional athletes, with even a low athlete income, need assistance in managing their money. Because most agents’ primary focus is negotiating player contracts, athletes need financial professionals to manage and invest their money successfully.

With Athlete Connect you can access players’ salaries, contract details, and their agent contact details in order to contact them and have the opportunity to preserve their wealth.


Nearly all professional athletes will purchase a new home. Professional athletes and their sports agents will need to work with qualified and reputable real estate brokers to find their dream home.

Professional athletes will also need a lending service to coordinate the mortgage for their new home. With Athlete Connect, you can easily contact professional athletes and their sports agents to facilitate the buying of a new home.


Professional athletes earn a very large amount of money in a very short period of time. Since professional athletes perform and earn an income in many states, it is important that their income tax preparation and tax-related issues are serviced properly by Certified Public Accountants who are experts in handling professional athletes’ accounting matters.

Use the power of Athlete Connect to handle bill-paying and all complex tax matters for professional athletes.


Almost all activities that revolve around a professional athlete’s daily life, whether sports-related or personal, are legal in nature. Professional athletes will most likely deal with legal issues at some point in their career.

It could be something as basic as closing on a house. Athlete Connect can help you and your law firm connect, network, and collaborate with sports agents and their clients for legal matters.


Professional athletes need home, automobile, personal injury, life, and possibly other specialized insurance. Today, life insurance products are also used for estate planning, managing risk, business continuation, tax planning, and more. Use Athlete Connect to provide professional athletes the extra protection they deserve


Professional athletes and their families do not stay at ordinary hotels and resorts but at fine exclusive ones. Some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world are not known to most individuals, including professional athletes. Use Athlete Connect to introduce your fine hotel or resort to professional athletes and their agents.


Since professional athletes have a very high income, they can afford the extra “bells and whistles” in their homes. Most importantly, they prefer the extra “bells and whistles.”

Professional pool/spa designers, home theater designers, interior designers, antique and art galleries, and other high-end home retailers and service providers would reap the benefits of Athlete Connect tremendously by building relationships, getting referrals, and growing their business.

Whether you offer luxury concierge, luxury car rental, athlete relocation, home security, bodyguard/protection, personal training, private chef, private jet, private yachts, exotic auto transport, or other specialty services, Athlete Connect can help grow your business by connecting you with professional athletes and their sports agents.


Student athletes on the verge of becoming professional athletes can utilize the Athlete Connect database to learn about sports agents and their clients. Athlete Connect access credentials for student athletes are available through the students’ collegiate athletics compliance department.

Professional athletes serve as role models and contribute to their family, hometown, school, and professional communities. By extending themselves to the less fortunate, athletes experience social fulfillment and make a difference in the lives of others. The presence of a professional athlete, whether it’s a big name or not, acts as a stimulus for increasing attendance, attention, and dollars raised for charities.

Connect, network, and collaborate with professional athletes
and their sports agents. Grow your business!